The best apps to help keep PsA symptoms under control

Research shows that the majority of people reading this article are going to own a smartphone and/or a tablet1. That’s just the world we live in now and you probably use applications, or ‘apps’ as they are commonly known, for everything from ordering your morning coffee, to paying your gas bill, and perhaps even for dating! But health and wellness is one of the areas that has seen the biggest rise in app development over the last few years; in 2015 the IMS Institute for Healthcare Informatics estimated that there were over 165,000 mHealth available in the Apple iTunes and Android App stores2 and this will only have risen since then.

Some of these could be just what you need to help you manage your PsA better on a day-to-day basis.

Here’s our top five – give them a try and let us know what you think…

  • For pain: Catch My Pain (Free, iPhone, Android) has a pain-localization feature that lets users draw on an on-screen human figure with a finger, pinpointing which body parts hurt. This localization tool uses color to denote intensity. Users then flip through a series of screens to add more details about the pain, starting with its duration and then adding intensity and a verbal description.
  • For flare tracking:- Flaredown was designed by and created for people with chronic illness with the intention of learning to prevent flares. If you check in with the app regularly, it crunches the numbers on your health. That information goes into charts and graphs, which helps you to understand how your treatments impact you. You can also allow Flaredown to share your data anonymously with chronic illness researchers.
  • For wellness: Apple Health, Google Fit – To track and focus more on wellness, the Google and Apple health apps are a good, broad base to start from. They track blood sugar, calories burned, heart rate and cholesterol, among many other features. Users can place emergency health information on their lock screens and the apps integrate with many other fitness apps.
  • For sleep: SleepBot – For Apple and Android tracks your sleep pattern, records your movement and sound throughout the night with a ‘smart’ alarm for the morning.
  • For medsMedisafe – For Apple and Android reminds you when to take medication and also tracks what you’ve taken. You can input how many tablets or injections you have in stock and it will also tell you when you need to reorder or make another doctor’s appointment.


What’s worked well for you? Any that you think we’ve missed that you’d like to share with the PsA and Me community? Visit our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages to join in the conversation.



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