10 moments throughout the day when you have Psoriatic Arthritis.

Sometimes it can feel like there are very few people who can properly understand what life is like when you have PsA. Sure, everyone has a slightly different experience with the condition, but here’s the top ten moments that we bet you can all relate to…


1.       Flare days = need inventive ways to tackle the stairs.

Stairs GIF














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 2.       When an itch just won’t quit.

The good Dinosaur 

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3.       Discovering a new PsA pal…(perhaps through PsA and Me!)


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4. And later realising they’re online at the exact same time as you.


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5. Fatigue setting in at work…


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6. And having to listen to someone saying they get tired too!


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7. Discovering that cranberries are meant to help symptoms…


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8. And then finally discovering an exercise that feels good. What a health guru you are!


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9. Being presented with a brand new treatment plan.


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10. Waking up on a good day and everything is A-OK!

Good day

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