There’s a reason that our furry pals are known as man’s best friend; they pick us up when we’re down, provide endless affection and (incredibly) dogs can even sense when we’re unwell! But our furry friends aren’t just there for playing catch and taking cute Instagrams, they can be a great source of support on those tough flare-up days.

Did you ever get the feeling that your critter understands you more than you think? Here’s when pets could totally relate to living with PsA…



The night before an annual physicians’ appointment



When you’re overpowered by the urge for a midday nap



Serious preparation for a long-haul journey




Day one of a symptom-busting healthy eating regime




Day three of a symptom-busting healthy eating regime



Those evenings when you just need to try and R E L A X



Must. Resist. The. Itch.

(Ok, so we know you don’t have a pet seal, but who could resist this guy?)



Trying desperately to get rid of neck stiffness




Waking up on a good day and feeling like you can rule the world


From fear of missing out to fulfillment: Lori-Ann’s PsA journey

Summer saviours: protection from flare-up triggers

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