The A-Z of PsA

We’re sure you know all too well how overwhelming a PsA diagnosis can be, not least because of the onslaught of medical terms and lifestyle advice that you’re suddenly faced with! Cytokines, Dactylitis, Enthesitis... it can feel like learning a whole new language. That’s why we’ve created our A-Z of PsA to help to dispel some of the confusion and share some of our top tips – have a read, and let us know the new terms you’ve discovered. 

Arthritis mutilans is a severe form of PsA that affects the small joints in the fingers and toes closest to the nail.v

Berries are rich in anti-oxidants, which can help to fight Try blitzing in a smoothie or swapping a sugary pudding for a fruit salad! 

Cytokines are cell signaling molecules that aid cell to cell communication in immune responses, and are thought to be a key trigger of Psoriatic Arthritis.vii Want to find out moreClick here.


Dactylitis is the inflammation of individual fingers and can result in swelling and a lack of mobility – read more about it here.


Enthesitis is the inflammation of the Entheses (the point where tendons and ligaments meet the bone) and
affects 35% of people with PsA.

Oily fish are packed with Omega-3, which can help to reduce inflammation.ix 

It’s recognized that PsA is a genetic condition, although more research into the exact causes and manifestationsis currently underway.

Our hands have 27 joints, so it’s no wonder that they’re often one of the first areas of the body impacted by PsA.xi 

The root of PsA symptoms. Want the low down on PsA? Read about the science here.

It’s estimated that 1 to 10 out of every 33,000 children is diagnosed with PsA.xii 

These are the epidermal skin cells which, when affected by inflammation, lead to Psoriasis flare ups.xiii 

Lesion is a commonly used technical term for Psoriasis patches. 

Management of PsA symptoms often involves adjusting the cells at a molecular level to help fight inflammation.xiv 

Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs is a class of treatment that can be used to help reduce the pain associated with PsA.xv 

Did you know that PsA symptom flares have been linked with obesity and weight gain?xvi 


The little depressions in the nail commonly associated with PsA – check out our manicures piece for more info. 

 It’s really important to chat through any queries you might have with your Doctor try drafting up a list in advance of your consultation! 

Could mean fewer flares & a reduction in pain, it’s what we’re all aiming for! 


Ankylosing Spondyloarthritis or SpA is the classification of disease that PsA belongs to. 


Another sign of PsA, transverse ridging is the development of horizontal lines across the nail.xvii 


Urticaria (more commonly known as Hives) and Psoriasis patches can often be confused – be sure to chat to your Doctor to understand the difference. 

Varicose Veins are swollen and enlarged veins that usually occur on the legs and feet, and can affect people with PsA.xviii 

Salt water, to be exact. Did you know that it’s proven to help alleviate Psoriasis symptoms?xix Just another reason to book that beach holiday :)

X-rays are imaging tests to help diagnose the conditions associated with PsA.xx 

Yoga has been proven to help arthritis conditions. All together now: Ommmmmxxi 

Fatigue is the second most impactful PsA symptom, How does it affect you? Click here



[xxi] trial. aspx 

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