Ever felt like people don’t really understand the impact of living with PsA, or that you wish you could explain exactly how it feels? We hear you loud and clear, and to help bring to life the impact of psoriatic arthritis, we’ve recently launched #PsAVoices on our PsA and Me Facebook and Twitter channels.

#PsAVoices artwork – which was inspired by direct quotes from people living with PsA – draws from real-life experiences. Through powerful illustrations depicting personal experiences throughout the entire journey, #PsAVoices hopes to encapsulate some of the thoughts and conversations of people living with the disease.
We hope this sheds light on the emotional journey of living with PsA and foster discussions among the community, so that people living with the disease can benefit from each other’s experiences and advice.

We’d love to know your thoughts on the illustrations and your experiences of living with PsA, so please do Tweet or comment on our Facebook or Instagram!




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Psa and Me isn’t the only place to get good advice about living with psoriatic arthritis. There are various PsA charities and support groups out there – both online and across the globe.

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